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Welcome to COLDEX

Coldex is an industry leader in the design, supply and installation of refrigeration systems and refrigeration related products.

Coldex has a track record throughout Africa in cold chain/storage solutions for agricultural, floricultural, horticultural, fishing, meat, baking, dairy and perishable products. Our products and solutions are complete - from post harvest through to processing, storage, distribution and shop floor retail.

Our refrigeration systems are quality built and specifically engineered to the temperature and humidity requirements of the product and application.

Whatever your line of production or refrigeration needs, you can depend on Coldex Refrigeration to work out the most cost effective means to extend the life and enhance the value of your crop or product.



Contact: Marcus Jooste

Cell International: +27 72 290 3888
Cell Zambia: +260 96 526 4884



South Africa






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